Sequels Across the 8th Dimension

Maybe Orwell was prescient of the film industry in 1984. Big Brother surveillance must be poaching ideas from competing studios for the fair usages of their rivals. In 1998, Deep Impact was released in the mold of an apocalyptic disaster film where a comet threatened humanity and a group of noble astronauts launched to subvert imminent devastation. A mere month or so later, Armageddon was released where an asteroid threatened humanity and a group of noble oil drillers launched to subvert imminent devastation. Uncanny similarities for sure but it’s not uncommon. Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Observe and Report also struck comparable plotlines. But the strangest anomaly was in the year 1983 when the character of James Bond was featured in two disparate productions due to copyright complications, Octopussy and Never Say Never Again (Sidenote: I (Cory) personally think that Octopussy is a rollicking, tongue-in-cheek adventure that outshines the languid vanity project Never Say Never Again despite the presence of elder statesman Sean Connery). It did spark an idea for us though. What if that phenomenon were to happen again? For instance…

Friday the 13th Part 13: Switchback

Kane Hodder, the stuntman who imbued Jason with an antisocial attitude and pulverizing physicality, returns to the Voorhees lineage. In this thirteenth chapter, Camp Crystal Lake has been uprooted permanently. The rustic landscape has been sold to a commercial real estate developer who builds a residence area over the remains of the now infamous campgrounds. During excavation of the surrounding land, a commercial power line capsizes in the dank wetlands and Jason is awoken within his watery  grave which is the only area preserved for environmental prosperity.

Now equipped with a tool belt for his carnage, a union laborer uniform and an aqueduct to navigate beneath the subsoil, he begins a rampage through the newly erected cul-de-sac where the contractors are quietly living with their families while they complete their construction. Known only as the town yokel, Tommy Jarvis is the lone protester of the project (whose ex-wife is the head contractor on the project) who wield picket signs around the site every day. Suddenly Tommy is drawn back into the fray to finally eliminate Jason before he can harm others along with his adolescent son. It could be slated for an October 2016 slot.

For Queen and Country

Pierce Brosnan is back in the fold as an older version of Ian Fleming’s James Bond who is embittered by his mistreatment from his own agency who accuses him of trading secrets to rival nations. He reluctantly resigns with his pension and his younger, more arrogant apprentice takes on the code name of James Bond and assumes his vacant slot. Brosnan becomes a tanned recluse in a marina off the shore of the Bahamas. In the meantime, he regularly corresponds with his heir who secretly asks for his expertise during nearly fatal assignments.

When Moneypenny, Q and M are taken hostage for a ransom by a dissident group of Syrian jihadists led by a British whistleblower who the older Bond confided in, James Bond Sr. and his protege must suit up again. Together they must systematically infiltrate MI6’s headquarters to rescue the hostages and exonerate Brosnan’s good name before the hostage takers launch a swarm of suicide missions across the European continent. Brosnan always regretted not being tasked to be the gritty Bond of the Craig era and this would be the perfect opportunity for him to do so.

Batman Triumphant

Keaton dons the signature cape and cowl as the brawny but retired Batman. He lives in his Elysian tower with his precocious son Damien shortly after the demise of Alfred. Robin has since transitioned to Nightwing and left to seek justice in Gotham City solo. He has grown accustomed to charity balls and fundraisers as his daily living. He’s been enjoying his tranquil life of luxury with Damien and no longer dreams of being the Caped Crusader. However, Wayne’s compounds is besieged by police officer who claim he was the perpetrator behind a string of parental killings. While in custody, the Bat Signal is reinstated in the evening sky by Commissioner Gordon and Damien is spirited away by the thug responsible for the aforementioned murders.

Bruce escapes narrowly and meets with Gordon who notifies him that rumors are abounding of a mysterious surgeon known as Hush who is performing corrective procedures to the city’s most notorious criminals. It is later revealed that Hush is actually Dr. Thomas Elliot, Bruce’s resentful childhood friend and black-hearted doppelganger. The wrinkles and laugh lines on Keaton would really sell the warhorse angle and he is very adroit at the grizzled chops required. Tim Burton could return for another round of brooding art decoration and Andrew Kevin Walker could write the script with a tinge of neo-noir. This could be fast-tracked for a late 2016 release.

I (Tristan) agree with Cory on the subject of Octopussy – a much better film with a Bond most find to be lacking, although here Moore easily beats out the aging Connery. As for two films I’d always wanted to see, I’ll take you to a fantastical sequel plot concocted from my own imagination, as well as a character rumored for years to be next villain up for a famed super-hero franchise:

Jurassic Park 4


I may have mentioned before that Jurassic Park is my favorite film of all time, so it’s no surprise that I always wanted to fashion my own sequel to the film. I attempted this as a youngster on the playgrounds of my elementary school, enlisting friends to reprise roles originated by Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern, but of course my adolescent mind couldn’t comprehend what actually went into writing a film at that point. (Side note: I’ve found old scripts from elementary school and some of the ones I wrote concerning the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are actually better than their recent films…) Fast forward to 2001 and the third Jurassic Park rolled into theatres, wowing us with a new dinosaur to the franchise – Spinosaurus – and subsequently thrilling me with new ideas to continue the story.

My idea finds an adult Tim Murphy (Joseph Mazzello) still struggling with the memories of the first Jurassic Park incident, but also managing to eke out a life as a nature documentarian, alongside a Steve Irwin type. Murphy is the Irwinesque host’s producer, and while scouting locations for his next shoot, discovers that pterodactyls (seen in the second film flying away from Isla Sorna) have begun to mate outside of the islands where they were initially bred. After surviving yet another dinosaur attack and saving his crew, Murphy travels home to confront his grandfather, John Hammond, about the implications of dinosaurs traveling outside of their boundaries. The Costa Rican government has been quarantining the islands for years, but are obviously doing a poor job of monitoring the creatures, and has also sent a representative to Hammond to inform him they are planning on torching the two inhabited islands. Hammond, now on his deathbed, implores Tim to keep his creations from harm. Torn between leaving behind his nightmares and honoring his grandfather’s final wish, Tim sets off to Isla Nublar to search for the last remaining DNA of the creatures, to keep them intact back at InGen’s home base in America. Tim is joined by a handful of mercenaries hired by the government to guide him in under the pretense of garnering files important to InGen’s history.

Obviously, chaos ensues and most of the mercenaries are attacked by all sorts of dinosaurs, such as the velociraptors, dilophosaurus, and the king of them all, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Since a Jurassic Park film wouldn’t be complete without introducing a new creature, I was actually hoping to add in a water-based creature as well (like Jurassic World is). The Baryonyx was a prehistoric crocodile-like dinosaur, who in the novel is mentioned to be in an unexplored portion of the park. Since it was mentioned as having been there, as a child I always figured it was just off-screen, so I’ve always hoped they would introduce it at some point. There was also always room to add in other characters from previous films, such as Grant or Malcolm or Ellie, as well as fan favorites like Nick Van Owen (Vince Vaughn) or Roland Tembo (Pete Postlethwaite), though their purposes for being there I always felt would be too shoehorned. As we all know, Jurassic World has continued the franchise, and I couldn’t be happier to see them return to the place I planned on taking them myself – the original island.

Spider-Man 4


I was not always the biggest fan of the Spider-Man franchise – it’s had its highs and its lows. I’m actually one of the few that genuinely enjoyed Spider-Man 3, because it’s what I had always expected from the series. Peter Parker is goofy, the action is irreverent, and most importantly to me, they finally did something with James Franco. I admit that the addition of Venom was unnecessary, but so did Sam Raimi. He never wanted it. And while that’s not what I’m here to talk about, it does have something to do with why Spider-Man 4 never happened. Post-scrutiny on the third film, Raimi and subsequently Tobey Maguire dropped out, and Sony transformed the series into Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone/Amazing. While those two films were great and then ok (I could do a fantastic think-piece on the series as a whole, if I liked to do think-pieces), the series then took a left turn and was absorbed by Marvel after the Sony hack fallout. Of course, the most important part to this story is that Lizard (my favorite Spider-Man villain) was finally given his due in Garfield’s first outing, The Amazing Spider-Man.

In the planned fourth film, Dr. Curt Conners (Dylan Baker) would finally be testing serums to re-grow his missing right arm. Tragedy ensues when it morphs him into a grotesque lizard creature, and Peter Parker must face his old mentor in a gruesome duel to the death. In addition to this, there were plans to include other animal based villains such as the Vulture and the Rhino – and then have Kraven the Hunter enter New York City to hunt all four of them. The idea of a team-up with villains to face an assassin greatly intrigued me. Perhaps they would have to control the more violent of the group in order to plan a counter-attack against Kraven, all the while avoiding innocent bystanders and police. Spider-Man might have been marked a villain by the end of the film, setting up a film similar to The Dark Knight Rises, one of redemption. Also the film would have attracted high-end talent – as rumored, Vulture was potentially to be played by John Malkovich. I’ve heard rumors that can’t be confirmed about Ben Kingsley also being considered – and they never got past that before the franchise getting the old re-boot. I’ve also seen that none of the Kraven storyline was actually planned, but I’ve seen others state they would want to see the hunt storyline happen, especially with these villains.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: City at War


My version (aforementioned to have been written by a six year old, so bear with me) would have began with henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady bursting into the Turtles lair and absconding with the Turtles sensei, Splinter. As a fucked up child, I also included the dark choice where the bumbling cretins accidentally break Splinter’s back en route to their lair – thus killing the moral compass of the mutant heroes. Raphael falls into a dark rage upon the news, disappearing into the city. Leonardo enlists Casey Jones to find him, and the two must fight their way through gangs and other mutants that have been released throughout New York. Meanwhile, Donatello and Michaelangelo (not handling the death of their master well) are left with tracking down Bebop and Rocksteady, who have returned to the lair of Krang, the mastermind behind the mutagen TGRI had created years earlier. The four turtles would meet up by the end of the film in Krang’s lair for a final showdown with Splinter’s killers, as well as a few other mutants (I was a huge fan of Slash, Mondo Gecko, Ray Fillet and Ace Duck). Eventually the Turtles would have vengeance by destroying Krang’s plans for world domination – along with his master creation, the Technodrome. It would be in its building phase, so sort of like the second Death Star, but either way the Turtles would win, even though Krang and friends get away. I may have even had some of the mutants die in the end like the Batman villains from the 90s films. Albeit the film having a bittersweet ending, it would be a learning process for the Turtles, because they wouldn’t be teens forever. Man, I was a depressing kid.

Mostly, you’ll notice, if you are a fan of canon with the actual movie series, that I included characters who didn’t appear until moments into this film. I didn’t know as a child that second film mutants Rahzar and Tokka were simply substitutes for favorites Bebop and Rocksteady, so I included them with no explanation. I also didn’t really introduce anything else new, so I fell victim to the same old plot structure that the TMNT (and Superman) series keeps perpetuating – always fight the same villain (Shredder, Lex Luthor, Joker, Zod). If I’d actually written this as an adult (say, for this new TMNT 2 film), I would certainly include Bebop & Rocksteady as well as Krang, and let the series grow organically – they find new mutant villains. Perhaps the series is due to have Baxter Stockman finally enter the scene as a vindictive scientist – kind of like a dark version of David Warner’s Dr. Perry. Interesting extra tidbit: I had Casey Jones return, much like in the actual TMNT 3. No one liked Kenji and his dumb pizza ninja. Also, the actual City at War storyline in the Turtles comic is much darker and much more interesting, so that’d be a fantastic movie if it ever gets put together.

I know this isn’t really out in the public eye, but if anyone would like to share any film sequels they would have liked to see, feel free to comment below!


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