Podcast July 19th – Ant-Man, Trainwreck, Emmy Nominations, and much more

Hey everyone – we have quite a doozy of a podcast this week for you. It’s our longest one yet, and we’re putting in topics as varied as the new novel by Harper Lee, Go Set a Watchman, to Amy Schumer’s starring cinematic debut, Trainwreck. Cory saw four other films as well – Ant-Man, Joe Dirt 2, Magic Mike XXL and documentary Death of Superman Lives. Tristan caught two films on Netflix: Before I Disappear and The One I Love. We discuss topics such as counter-programming, Gillian Flynn’s next cinematic adaptation Dark Places, the future of the X-Men film series and TV series like Mr. Robot and Tut.

Check out our podcast below, like us here and on Facebook/Twitter, and hopefully you enjoy this elongated exchange on current entertainment events!

Tristan and Cory (Interjections)

Editor’s note: Tristan erroneously stated that the Tut mini-series is on Starz. It is actually on Spike, which means it’ll be seen by even less people…


One thought on “Podcast July 19th – Ant-Man, Trainwreck, Emmy Nominations, and much more”

  1. The One I love was really interesting. I think they could have explored things further, especially the history of how this guest house started and how Ted Danson got involved, but overall it wasn’t overcomplicated. Thanks for the recommendation!


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