Interjections Podcast July 24 – Pixels, Paper Towns, Southpaw, Mr. Holmes and Spectre

This week was replete with films for Cory and I to mull over in cinemas and our homes. From Pixels to Paper Towns, Cory had a marathon viewing of new releases, including Southpaw and Mr. Holmes. I managed to catch Mr. Holmes and Southpaw earlier in the week as well, so we’re actually on the same page for once! I also viewed Ant-Man and a 15 year old David Mamet film called State and Main (RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman!).

We also cover the usual news of the week, including a discourse on the easy access of original Netflix films and on-demand titles instead of coming to theaters.

Enjoy below!

Editor’s note: Cory and I both realized afterwards that we should have mentioned we posited on the fact that Patrick Stewart would have been a perfect John Watson in Mr. Holmes, if they’d wanted a neat cameo…


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