The Lost Podcast! It’s Finally Here!

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Here it is – at long last, the Lost Podcast is finally found.

Way back around October 9th, Cory and I saw an advance screening of the little seen film Freeheld, starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page. Afterwards we recorded the first half of our weekly podcast, intending to splice it together with a second half of news and other films, including The  Martian, we saw in the period between. Instead, the day we recorded it, I came across a few technical difficulties getting the first half into the program – Audacity – to fit it in front of the second half.

Around 7 PM things moved rapidly into motion for me on a job I got working in props on a television program that’s running on the Science Channel. I thought I’d have time in between work to take care of it, but other things came up, including other podcasts and more work. Before long it became a sort of myth, this podcast, and Cory would speak fondly of the Lost Podcast as if it might never resurface.

Well, without further adieu, here are our thoughts on Freeheld, The Martian, and other oddities from the first week of October 2015:


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