Podcast April 1st – Sing Street, Risen and Jane Got a Gun

This is no joke – Cory and Tristan recorded their podcast this week together! Immediately after showcasing upcoming British flick Sing Street (brought to us by John Carney, of Once and Begin Again), the pair waxed poetic about the film, as well as their other viewings of the week – including:


  • Risen – starring Joseph Fiennes as a Roman legion searching for the missing Christ alongside Draco Malfoy himself (Tom Felton, natch) in an actual real-life version of that parodical sword and sandal film in the Coens’ eponymous Hail, Caesar! Cliff Curtis appears, however, as Jesus, and the film isn’t as proselytizing as you might expect.
  • Jane Got a Gun – starring Natalie Portman as a vengeful gunslinger in over her head alongside a former lover (Joel Edgerton) against miscast villain Ewan McGregor in a straightforward Western from Gavin O’Connor. The film took several years to wind its way into theatres, but now that it’s finally here, that bad omen didn’t stop the film from actually being decent.


  • John Wick – Keanu Reeves pulls his own Taken, revenging himself upon everyone we see in the film but John Leguizamo in this Death Wish-meets-The Raid. In this better cinematic version of Hitman than we’ll ever truly receive, Reeves proves he’s still got as much action chops as Tom Cruise. It took too long to get around to this.
  • Dope – Shameik Moore explodes into our conscious forefronts by starring in this Ferris Bueller in the hood tale that showcases what it’s truly like to grow up wishing you could be more than your birthplace, especially in the temperamental environs we’ve become accustomed to social segregation.
  • Creed – Winner of our very own Edgar Awards Film of the Year, Creed finds Michael B. Jordan taking up the mantle of underdog boxer making it on his own terms in Philadelphia, this time as Adonis Creed, illegitimate son of Apollo Creed. The twist is that the normally unlikely pairing of Adonis and his father’s former rival Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) works better than any sequel in recent memory.


Check this all out, as well as trailers and news below:


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