Podcast April 30 – Keanu, Green Room, Miles Ahead and A Hologram for the King

The end of April was a highly anticipated one for Cory and Tristan, as this week saw the release of the biggest comedy yet to premiere in 2016 – Keanu. Starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, their foray from Comedy Central darlings to big screen action comedy stars was seamless.

Yet that wasn’t the only reason to love the springtime bloom in theatres – Jeremy Saulnier’s brutal thriller Green Room debuted in wide release, letting more eyeballs rest on the chaos we were all meant to view.

Beyond those gems, Cory saw new films featuring two of our favorite actors – Don Cheadle (biopic Miles Ahead, where Cheadle pulls quadruple duty producing, directing writing and starring as famous jazz trumpeter Miles Davis); and Tom Hanks (Dave Eggers sardonic look into culture clashing between the US and Saudi Arabia in A Hologram for the King, where Hanks plays an out of his element businessman attempting to help start up a new city in the middle of the Saudi desert).

We also talk a bit about television shows Dice and Blunt Talk and the new trailers for Oliver Stone’s Snowden and Stephen King’s Cell. Take a listen below and enjoy:


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