Podcast July 15 – Ghostbusters, The Infiltrator and The BFG

Listen, we wanted to go into the new version of Ghostbusters and come out delighted. Despite our differences over the past year in reference to this third iteration of the Ghostbusters franchise, we both feel that it is a refreshing angle to have women take the lead and defeat the otherworldly beings that haunt New York.

In my end (Tristan), I wanted it to be more of a sequel and see the previous Ghostbusters pass down the reins, but it didn’t need to happen. In Cory’s case, he really just wanted to see a good movie done well that honored the original’s comedic tone and tempo.

Even though there will be a lot out there about men hating the film simply for the fact that their beloved franchise was taken over by four hilarious women, this was not the case for Cory and I. We went in with the utmost respect for the creative team, especially after enjoying the hell out of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Paul Feig in their previous efforts, Bridesmaids and Spy.

Unfortunately, as you’ll discover below in our weekly podcast, they didn’t pull off a great comedy. What they pulled off – even with a great advance towards female actresses gaining equal footing in tentpole cinema – was a mediocre effort that at best plays as a distraction on a Saturday afternoon.

I know it will still be controversial to be against this film, even for all our hopes in its inception, but….well, hear us out and find out how we felt in greater detail below:

We also went to see Bryan Cranston’s new crime drama The Infiltrator and Cory reversed his opinion after seeing the latest Steven Spielberg/Mark Rylance joint The BFG.
We hope you check this out and enjoy, and please remember to comment responsibly.



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