Podcast August 7 – Suicide Squad, Nine Lives and The Little Prince

One of the most controversial films of the year debuted this week, with DC’s second foray into their hastily constructed universe – Suicide Squad. Starring Margot Robbie as the polarizing villain Harley Quinn, the attempts by the studio to capitalize on recent comedic superhero films may have fallen flat. Did Cory and Tristan agree with most critics?

Opposite it in cinemas is the oddity in Kevin Spacey’s recent career, Nine Lives, in which he is turned into a cat by a pleasantly game Christopher Walken, fueling as many future memes as possible. Could this be the worst film of 2016, even worse than Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates?

Next week’s charming Oscar-bait Florence Foster Jenkins also garnered a special preview screening for Cory, while Tristan caught up on more of 2015 with The Night Before and Ted 2.

Our favorite pair of critics tuned into Netflix this weekend to catch the lofty animated film The Little Prince, that delayed gem that had once been due in April.

Was this week full of surprises or letdowns? As always, listen below and remember to comment responsibly:


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