Podcast Sept 3 – Sully, 31, Southside With You and Fall Movie Preview!

Prepare yourself for an ultra-sized podcast this week, as Cory and Tristan saw eleven films! They’re joined by their good friend Shawn Ferguson.

Tristan only saw  one – The Naked Gun, a classic comedy starring Leslie Nielsen.

Cory, on the other hand, saw several recent films, and one older film, including:

Sully – Coming out next week, this true story highlights the 2009 “Miracle on the Hudson” and stars Tom Hanks as Captain Chesley Sullenberger.
31 – Rob Zombie attempts once again to disgust us beyond belief with his gangly cast of hooligans. Does he fail as usual?
Report to the Commissioner – Character actor Michael Moriarty (Pale Rider) and Yaphet Kotto (Alien) star as cops in the grimy New York City of the 1970s in this timely case of mistaken identity amidst racial tensions.
The Fits – This mumblecore thriller showcases unknown talent on an all girls dance team, when a strange disease begins to overtake many of the girls.
In Order of Disappearance – Stellan Skarsgard appears in this Norwegian crime caper where a father seeks vengeance on several hoodlums who murdered his son.
De Palma – This documentary showcases the life and legacy of great director Brian De Palma.
Southside With You – This divisive romance looks at the first date between a young Barack Obama and his future bride Michelle Robinson.
Hands of Stone – Yet another boxing biopic sees one-time Sugar Ray Robinson rival Roberto Duran (Edgar Ramirez) rise to fame under boxing coach Ray Arcel (Robert De Niro).
Sea of Trees – The McConaissance may be over when Ken Watanabe eerily attempts to save Matthew from himself (and his haunting wife Naomi Watts) in Japan’s suicide forest.
Blood Father – Mel Gibson kicks ass once again as a loving father on the run with his daughter from Diego Luna’s drug cartel.
Kickboxer: Vengeance – Jean-Claude Van Damme trains a younger blander version of himself to take on master fighter Dave Bautista

After all that, the trio aren’t done – they discuss their top five films coming this fall and winter, as well as three to stay away from in the Interjections Fall Movie Preview.

If you can make it through, enjoy! Remember to comment responsibly!



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