Podcast Sept 16 – Snowden, Other People and Blair Witch

A flurry of cinema flooded our craniums this week, including this week’s new releases, including the superb debut from SNL Chris Kelly, Other People, starring the sublime Molly Shannon and enigmatic Jesse Plemons.

Also included was the indie darling Hunt for the Wilderpeople, opening across Europe this weekend and starring brilliant newcomer Julian Dennison, holding his own against the great actor Sam Neill.

Blair Witch, originally entitled The Woods until it surprised horror fans a month ago with a makeover reveal sashayed its way into cinemas, hoping to recapture late ’90s glory.

Cory and Tristan also caught an early screening (by one day…) of the latest divisive film by Oliver Stone, Snowden. This one stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the ignominious pencil-pusher who took down the NSA and CIA with controversial secrets revealing citizen surveillance. This screening also premiered with a live Q&A with the director, main actors and the subject himself, Skyped in from Moscow.

Beyond those newer films, Tristan caught up some more on his summer films with Woody Allen’s latest Cafe Society, while Cory saw some other recent indies like Eddie Murphy’s schmaltzy Mr. Church, Luke Scott’s attempt to emulate his father Ridley with Morgan – a rip-off of better films like Splice, Ex Machina and even The Lazarus Effect (sic).

He also saw a border patrol drama entitled Transpecos, a doc about Leonard Nimoy named For the Love of Spock, and two terrible films that seemed doomed for the dollar or less bin – Belgian animated debacle The Wild Life and Nicolas Cage’s latest stinker USS Indianpolis: Men of Courage.



Listen in below, and remember to comment responsibly:


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