Podcast Oct 21 – Jack Reacher, Mascots and Return of the Caped Crusaders

Salutations, brave explorers!

Your favorite film-fighting duo is back with a take on the fourth(!) Batman film we received this year, brought to you by the team behind the original ’60s TV show. It reunites Adam West, Burt Ward and Lee Meriwether in an animated fun-fest, Return of the Caped Crusaders.

If you’re looking for more comedy, Netflix endorsed the latest production from Christopher Guest and his merry band of miscreants – Mascots. It takes a look at the seedy underbelly of a long misunderstood profession.

In anticipation for the new Tom Cruise film, Tristan caught up and watched the first Jack Reacher film from 2012. Then the pair went to the cinemas, hoping beyond worry that the sequel (Jack Reacher: Never Go Back) wouldn’t suffer from all its genre’s typical failures.

Should we never have gone back? Check out our podcast below, and remember to comment responsibly:


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