Podcast Jan 13 – Silence, Live By Night and Patriots Day

As the studios chose to filter out their best stuff in January rather than at the mad dash for the finish line to 2016, Cory and Tristan spent the week catching up on some premier titles that have gotten mid-to-heavy Oscar buzz:

Live by Night – Ben Affleck’s fourth directorial feature, it sees him also starring as a bootlegger mixed up in a lot of Floridian gang battles during the 1920s.

Patriots Day – Peter Berg’s third straight (and second of the year) collaboration with Mark Wahlberg has the star playing a composite of several different real life heroes that saved the day during a tragedy at a Boston half-marathon and subsequently helped to hunt down the terrorist who caused the damage.

Silence – Martin Scorsese’s latest, the atmospheric existential history shows Jesuit priests Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver headed to feudal Japan to rescue their fallen brother Liam Neeson. Extensive discussions on what religion means or not ensue.

Cory also witnessed upcoming mega-film The Great Wall, which famously apparently white-washed everything, even though it only contains Matt Damon as a slovenly side character obviously used to broaden the audiences to the West. Other than that, the plot hinges on several strange creatures that ascend the posts along the Wall, and how our heroes react.

Tristan saw another February release in John Michael McDonough’s latest scorcher of a comedy, War on Everyone, starring Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Pena as corrupt Albuquerque cops looking to make their future happiness achievable by busting a heist and taking the money for themselves.

All this and more (namely a discussion of Kaitlin Olson’s latest projects), if you click down below. We hope you enjoy, and remember to comment responsibly:


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