Podcast February 3rd – Lion, American Pastoral, Gold and Resident Evil

Tristan and Cory were a bit busy this week catching up on some of their films from last year. For best picture nominees, Tristan saw the remarkable Arrival, starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner trying to determine a way to communicate with an alien species that has populated over the Earth. Cory’s best picture viewing was for Lion, which stars Dev Patel as a lost Indian boy who grows up with a loving Australian family played by Nicole Kidman and David Wenham. He then searches for his missing family back in India thanks to GoogleEarth.

Tristan took the chance to send himself back in time to see some Best Picture nominees from yesteryear, including 1975 nominee Barry Lyndon, another directing masterpiece from Stanley Kubrick that follows the titular character, played by Ryan O’Neal, as he navigates mid-19th-century Europe and all its pitfalls. Further back was war film The Sand Pebbles, a 1966 rumination on the dangers of peace time naval action in the South China Sea in the shadow between two World Wars that sees Steve McQueen sent to gunboat San Pablo, captained by a megalomaniacal Richard Crenna. It also features the first appearance on screen by Candice Bergen.

Before those, Cory discusses two other more recent releases, including the long-delayed Gold, with treasure-seeker Matthew McConaughey attempting his own Jordan Belfort impression, albeit with paunch and hair loss down in southeast Asia. He also saw last week’s latest Resident Evil chapter, which has claimed to be the final one. It probably won’t be.

Then the pair finally culminate in our featured feature, American Pastoral, a tone-deaf adaptation of Philip Roth’s 1996 Pulitzer Prize winning novel that Ewan McGregor attempted to wrest from Hollywood blacklist throes. Find out below if he does.

Before we go, Tristan also discusses two very recent television premieres – Powerless on NBC and Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. Listen in below to find out what you’re binging next, and remember to comment responsibly!


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