Podcast Feb 10 – John Wick 2 and The Lego Batman Movie

A very diverse Valentine’s Day weekend is upon us, and love is in the air!

Love of bullets, brawls and bodacious hitmen with vendettas to solve – when Cory goes to cinemas to see John Wick 2!

Love of bricks, batarangs and bad guys with broken hearts – when Tristan heads to theatres to see The Lego Batman Movie.

Love of …..sorry lovers of mundane mediocrity, the pair didn’t go and see Fifty Shades Darker. They did, however, catch up on some older Oscar nominees, including Meryl Streep’s star turn as an Australian mother who lost her baby to a dingo in A Cry in the Dark; Jack Lemmon boozing up Lee Remick during their Days of Wine and Roses; and The Love Witch….which while not get any Oscar love, did get plenty of old-school 70’s sexploitation love when it came out back in 2016.

We also discuss recent shows such as Fox’s dud cop-technology show APB, which wastes Weeds star Justin Kirk, recent TBS hit mystery Search Party and much more!

Listen in below with a loved one, and remember to comment responsibly!


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