Podcast March 3 – Logan

Amidst a bit of rambling like a nonagenarian Charles Xavier, Cory and Tristan discuss the main event for March (and possibly the year) – Logan.

The newest volume in the X-Men saga finds us looking at the last run for Logan aka Wolverine. In this future (it’s 2029) tale, Logan is running back and forth over the Mexican border smuggling prescription drugs for his longtime confidante Charles Xavier in order to prevent his aging from taking down the world around him. Unfortunately the world finds its way to them, in the form of a mysterious young mutant girl that enlists the pair to smuggle her up to North Dakota towards a supposed Eden.

After discussing one of the marquee films of the year, we discuss some new trailers, as well as two films from earlier that Tristan caught up on – 10 Cloverfield Lane, starring John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a sci-fi bunker thriller and The Imitation Game – the Oscar nominee starring Benedict Cumberbatch as computer inventor Alan Turing.

Tune in below to discover our thoughts for this start to March:


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