Podcast April 8 – Aftermath, Going in Style and The Discovery

A slew of new films came out this week, which means it wasn’t unlike any other week. Three of those films were films that Cory and Tristan viewed together:

Aftermath, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest low-key drama, which watches the fallout after two planes collide overhead Columbus, Ohio.

Going in Style, a remake by Zach Braff that pairs Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin as aging would-be bank robbers.

The Discovery, a Netflix original that stars Robert Redford as a scientist who may have discovered incontrovertible proof that there is an afterlife, but that doesn’t jive with his son Jason Segel, who must decide what life really means alongside suicidal new friend Rooney Mara.


Cory also saw the new Nicolas Cage straight to home audience flick Vengeance: A Love Story, which should not have even found its way to homes.

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