Podcast April 14 – Win it All, Boss Baby and Don’t Kill It

A little light this week, as we expected in dull, thankless April, Cory and Tristan were happy to take in a handful of films that might have been found underrated by regular audiences.

Firstly, of course, is the complete opposite of that, as our first feature The Boss Baby was the leader in tickets for the past two weekends. Thankfully that will be ended by the new film…wait, what? Fuck, another Fast and Furiouus film.

Next up, the pair discuss the latest mumblecore masterpiece by kingpin Joe Swanberg, Win It All, stars Jake Johnson as a gambler forced to make a choice – use the money he just found in a convict’s bag he’s keeping safe for a night at the casino, or? You know where this is going.

Afterwards, Dolph Lundgren provides his best film in recent memory with Don’t Kill It, a fun romp through the swamp which, besides having Tristan’s favorite name for a horror film in a good while, provides a great premise for Dolph to try and survive against.

Other films discussed include recent horror film Sinister, older horror comedies Popcorn and There’s Nothing Out There.

Tune in below to find out who won last week’s poll and more; remember to comment responsibly:


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