Podcast June 12 – The Mummy and It Comes at Night

A bit late this weekend as our travels took us separately to Virginia in search of music, food and other endeavors, but Cory and Tristan are back with reviews of the most recent two films out in theaters:

  • The Mummy, a pseudo-reboot of the classic Universal monster horror film that takes more from the first reimagining (with Brendan Fraser) by making it an action adventure with Tom Cruise, and seems more focused on world-building by featuring Russel Crowe as another heavy with more screen time than the actual mummy (Sofia Boutella).
  • It Comes at Night, an apocalyptic thriller starring Joel Edgerton and Carmen Ejogo that finds their family hiding from a highly infectious disease in the back woods somewhere in America. When the disease finds them, perhaps in the form of stranger Christopher Abbott, they must navigate the horrors of that outside world.

Cory also witnessed The Wizard of Lies, the recent HBO biopic that tells the recent tale of Bernie Madoff (Robert DeNiro) as he and wife Ruth (Michelle Pfeiffer) concoct a Ponzi scheme that will come at a great price for many of their clients, and themselves.

Tune in below to hear about all that, as well as thoughts on the new iteration of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and the first trailer for upcoming Marvel actioner Black Panther. Remember to comment repsonsibly:


Also, one final note – June 13th marks the second anniversary of the podcast! Happy birthday Interjections (and our beloved host Cory Taylor)!


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