Podcast Dec 29 – Best and Worst of 2017

Oh boy, are you in for some fun – Cory and Tristan have compiled several lists to commemorate the closing of one of the craziest years in cinema, 2017.

The biggest Interjections podcast to date is so big I’m breaking it down for you this way:

00:00 – First, the pair goes through a handful of films they saw this week, including I, Tonya, Last Flag Flying, The Trip to Spain, Downsizing and Mudbound. Basically the pair did their weekly podcast before diving into the categorical subject matter of this end of the year review.

1:04:30 – Now that they finally get past this week, they start off with the bottom ten – Cory begins with a few dishonorable mentions, and they swap the worst ten back and forth.

1:54:25 – Cory runs through his lists of biggest disappointments and largest surprises (2:00:05).

2:06:40 – Tristan goes over the films he missed this year that he wishes he could have gotten to before this podcast (Cory’s always better at finding his way through everything).

2:12:30 – Just to prolong this even further, both share their favorite performances of the year, back and forth like the worst films. Cory starts off with his worst, naturally. Tristan follows up with his favorites.

2:22:22 – Cory goes on and on about his own favorite performances of the year.

2:29:13 – At long last, Cory and Tristan trade their top ten back and forth. Tristan has some honorable mentions!

3:26:54 – Last but not least, the Interjections duo decides to revisit their most anticipated lists from back in January, double checking whether they were right about anything, or unabashedly imprecise in their predictions.

All in all, it was one of our best, and we hope you enjoy it. Listen in below, and remember: comment responsibly!


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