Podcast Feb 9 – The Cloverfield Paradox, Band Aid and Braven

Somewhat getting a bit too personal this week, Jimmy overshares alongside usual suspects Cory and Tristan as they dive into the latest films to hit theaters and streaming.

First up are two VOD releases that slipped under the radar for some – Nicolas Cage’s latest epic The Humanity Bureau (which features a shady killing farm) and Jason Momoa’s long-gestating Braven, where Momoa gets to beat up on a drug ring who entangles themselves in his family’s lives. Cory also caught up to the NJ duo by seeing Christian Bale’s western Hostiles.

Jimmy joins the pair as they discuss The Cloverfield Paradox, which dropped on unsuspecting football fans this Sunday immediately following Super Bowl LII, in which some say the right team won the day. A third film in the strange franchise, it follows a group in a space station revolving around Earth that hope to use the Higgs-Boson to attempt a new form of energy to help avert a major crisis.

Meanwhile, Tristan caught up on a long-awaited music-themed romance Band Aid from last summer, as well as two classic Oscar nominees, 1969 political thriller Z and the first film in Alan J. Pakula’s “Paranoia Trilogy” – Klute, starring Donald Sutherland as a private detective working with Jane Fonda.

All this, plus we discuss Super Bowl commercials and all the trailers that dropped that evening! There’s also a warning against accidentally viewing new NBC sitcom AP Bio, the show that attempted to steal Glenn Howerton away from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Remember to listen the whole way through, and comment responsibly:


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