Podcast March 31 – Ready Player One, Love Simon and Game Over, Man!

There was a challenge sent out last week by one of our regular contributors to the Interjections podcast, Jeff Seesselberg. He offered to throw down against one of the teams’ oldest friends, Mike Duquette, over the stigma against new Steven Spielberg film Ready Player One. Jeff had once thought Mike would love the book and subsequent film, but it has appeared otherwise.

Cory and Tristan decided to invite the pair to hold a debate on the Interjections podcast to settle once and for all if the book and movie have any artistic merit. The nostalgia factor is looming large this Easter weekend, and you won’t want to pass this over.

Before we settle into the conversation, Cory and Tristan reviewed a handful of other films and shows that debuted in the past week or so:

Love, Simon – Greg Berlanti’s coming-of-age coming-out story starring Nick Robinson as the titular Simon

Game Over, Man! – A new Netflix original starring the gang from Workaholics in a weak Die Hard spoof

A Wrinkle in Time – Cory gives his take on the second Disney adaptation of the beloved children’s book

Unsane – Claire Foy loses her mind in Steven Soderbergh’s iPhone experiment

Isle of Dogs – Wes Anderson’s latest charming animated venture follows a group of mangy canines as they help a young boy find his lost pet

The Villainess – Tristan reports on the South Korean action/melodrama that mimics Hardcore Henry and Neighbours

The Golden Child – Cory finishes off some of his Eddie Murphy checklist

Tristan also brings us reviews of pilot episodes for new shows BarryRise, and Alex, Inc.

Here’s that podcast, chock full of plenty of reviews:


Now it’s on to part two, and the main event:


Remember to plug in and comment responsibly!


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