Podcast April 7 – A Quiet Place and Blockers

Cory and Tristan were firing on all cylinders this week – they saw the biggest new release: John Krasinski’s post-apocalyptic thriller A Quiet Place. Cory also took in perhaps the biggest comedy release of the year with the surprising Blockers.

They each saw a handful of older films, including Stephen King’s Misery, Famke Janssen’s 2008 VOD introduction 100 Feet, Eddie Murphy sequel Beverly Hills Cop 2, the original Clash of the Titans, Gene Hackman/Al Pacino drama Scarecrow, astronaut conspiracy thriller Capricorn One, ’90s romance remake Sabrina, Taiwanese existential drama Rebels of the Neon God and last year’s Will Ferrell/Amy Poehler casino comedy The House. Tristan also saw this week’s newest television show, The Last O.G. It stars Tracy Morgan, fresh from his brief hospital visit.

Take in all of this and more below, and remember to comment responsibly!

Also: don’t forget to turn your headphones up for the beginning…


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