Podcast April 27th – Avengers: Infinity War

The big showdown is finally here folks: Ted Kennedy and a bridge over troubled water.

No, we know, it’s the weekend to kick off the “summer” movie season, with what may possibly be the biggest blockbuster of all time: Avengers: Infinity War.

First, Cory and Tristan will take you off the shores of Massachusetts to Chappaquiddick, where future presidential hopeful Ted Kennedy (Jason Clarke) lives in the shadow of his famous assassinated brothers and should achieve what they could not, if not for that pesky bridge layout.

Cory relieves us all of having to see the latest Amy Schumer comedy I Feel Pretty, while Tristan takes us back to last summer’s heavy drama Detroit.

Finally, by the 44:00 mark of our podcast (for those hungry for the main course), our industrious pair enlighten us with their thoughts on the biggest crossover event in cinema history – Marvel’s coup de grace in superhero overdose.

There’s no going back this time, it’s the only way you can go:

Remember, comment responsibly, and of course, there are no end to the spoilers.


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