Podcast May 19 – Deadpool 2, Life of the Party and Terminal

So now that we have you gathered here, it’s time for the big announcement:

The Interjections Podcast is completely turning into the “Burt Reynolds Life and Times” Podcast, or: “BLT” for short. We’ll be hosting question and answer sessions with some of the biggest Burt fans, and each week we’ll go into extensive detail showcasing one of his many splendid films.

First, we’ll have our final movie talk ever, where I guess we’ll tell you how that Untitled Deadpool Sequel went, as well as the last important Melissa McCarthy cinematic endeavor Life of the Party. Cory can enlighten us on the stranger indie films like David Tennant’s Bad Samaritan or Margot Robbie’s Terminal, or Jim Carrey’s Dark Crimes, or now with more doves™ : John Woo’s Manhunt, out now on Netflix.

We’ll also take you back in time to the early ’90s with some Nicolas Cage features: It Could Happen to You and Guarding Tess, and an early Brad Pitt debacle, Cool World. Tristan highlights a pre-Oscar James Ivory with his final directing job on The City of Your Final Destination.

Finally, you’re in for a surprise treat to end this week’s final cinema-centristic conversation: a Burt Reynolds film from the early ’80s, which is why we’ll be transitioning next week into All Burt, All the Time.

Stay tuned for more later, but for now, listen in below and remember to comment responsibly:



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