Podcast August 12 – Christopher Robin, The Meg, Eighth Grade and A Very English Scandal

Despite a major bite out of the box office, The Meg did not fare well with the Interjections reviewers. Cory takes us through the latest animal attack adventure this week, but not before a handful of other new films:

Tristan joins in first with a catch-all review of Christopher Robinthe latest Disney live-action adaptation that features Ewan McGregor doing his best Robin Williams in Hook impression as the adult version of the titular character, who is in turn doing his best not to go mad when his childhood imaginary pals show up in post-war London.

Cory enlightens us on the fashionably popular indie film Eighth Gradethe debut feature from stand-up comedian Bo Burnham, a surprisingly astute look at adolescence at the point where we transition from middle school to high school. He also briefly touches upon a YA fantasy adaptation, The Darkest Minds.

Before diving into the Jason Statham shark flick, Tristan discusses Blake Lively’s foray into the genre from 2016, The Shallows. He also gives us his opinion of the 2012 young adult romance drama The Spectacular Nowstarring Miles Teller in what might be his best performance alongside Shailene Woodley and Brie Larson, all three future it stars. Wonder how they did?

Cory follows up with a double dose of Robert Redford, with a stellar performance in Brubaker, and a dense Best Picture winner in Out of AfricaTristan steps in with a Jenny Slate comedy Obvious Child, and Cory snuffs out expectations of cult classic Enter the Dragon.

Finally, we entertain the latest BBC mini-series, starring a sparkling Hugh Grant as PM Jeremy Thorpe: A Very English Scandal.

Listen to all this, plus a discussion of the new Oscars rules:

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