Podcast October 8 – Venom, Hell Fest and Hold the Dark

It’s been eleven years since that wonderfully gooey Spider-Man villain graced cinema screens, and he’s apparently been sorely missed. The new film has grossed $80 million and counting, so Cory and Tristan sit down to discuss why Venom is the anti-hero the world neither needs nor deserves (yet is being saddled with).

Cory tops that off with a series of reviews on new films like Hell Festa b-slasher film that hinges on an innovative premise but fails to capitalize on it. He continues with recent Kevin Hart-Tiffany Haddish team-up Night Schoolwhich would be a no-brainer if they had more raw talent. Superfly is the surprise of the week, and you’ll have to listen in as to why.

Cory finishes off his solo reviews with a strange experience during Michael Moore’s latest documentary, pseudo-sequel Fahrenheit 11/9What happened to Cory that he had a singular situation, and what does any of it have to do with wild Gwen Stefani theories?

All this and more (two new network shows – I Feel Bad and Single Parents) to listen in on below. Don’t forget to comment responsibly!



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