Podcast October 27 – Colette, Mid90s, The Sisters Brothers and The Old Man & the Gun

We’re replete with films this week that are gearing up for a huge awards season. As with every fall, there are early contenders for the biggest awards and this year is no different.

Tristan starts off with coverage of the tense Maggie Gyllenhaal mumblecore drama The Kindergarten Teacher.

Cory joins in for a discussion about another character-driven piece, The Old Man & the Gun, which could be Robert Redford’s swan song. The David Lowery film also stars Casey Affleck, Sissy Spacek and Danny Glover.

The pair move on as Cory adds his input on the Netflix thriller Apostle, and then covers two new films, the widely-released period piece Colette, starring – who else – Keira Knightley as the eponymous novelist, as well as Jonah Hill’s directorial debut, the semi-autobiographical Mid90s.

The main highlight of the podcast is their shared remembrance of the quirky western dramedy The Sisters Brothers, starring John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix as bounty hunter siblings that are commissioned to track down a scientist prospector played by Riz Ahmed. Jake Gyllenhaal mixes things up between the trio.

As Tristan winds things down with a brief review of Matthew Weiner’s new show The Romanoffs, Cory abruptly remembers another film he saw this week, Gerard Butler’s submarine action film Hunter Killer.

Wrap things up for the week with us by listening below, and remembering to comment responsibly:


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