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Podcast Feb 16 – Black Panther

That’s right, the time has come for the new king. A new superhero to take the reins of Marvel and launch it into a new era. Well, to have a new movie, at least, for now.

Cory and Tristan met up last night to take in the latest edition in the massively popular Marvel universe, Black Panther. This was Tristan’s most anticipated film of 2018, and a chance to prove to executives that a film truly representing Africa is a great idea.

Did our pair like the film? You’ll have to listen in as they discuss the regal warrior’s true debut, alongside reviews of recent releases 12 Strong and Fifty Shades Freed. Tristan also continues catching up with last summer’s Good Time.

Will Jimmy cameo or not? Listen below, and don’t forget to comment responsibly:



Podcast Feb 9 – The Cloverfield Paradox, Band Aid and Braven

Somewhat getting a bit too personal this week, Jimmy overshares alongside usual suspects Cory and Tristan as they dive into the latest films to hit theaters and streaming.

First up are two VOD releases that slipped under the radar for some – Nicolas Cage’s latest epic The Humanity Bureau (which features a shady killing farm) and Jason Momoa’s long-gestating Braven, where Momoa gets to beat up on a drug ring who entangles themselves in his family’s lives. Cory also caught up to the NJ duo by seeing Christian Bale’s western Hostiles.

Jimmy joins the pair as they discuss The Cloverfield Paradox, which dropped on unsuspecting football fans this Sunday immediately following Super Bowl LII, in which some say the right team won the day. A third film in the strange franchise, it follows a group in a space station revolving around Earth that hope to use the Higgs-Boson to attempt a new form of energy to help avert a major crisis.

Meanwhile, Tristan caught up on a long-awaited music-themed romance Band Aid from last summer, as well as two classic Oscar nominees, 1969 political thriller Z and the first film in Alan J. Pakula’s “Paranoia Trilogy” – Klute, starring Donald Sutherland as a private detective working with Jane Fonda.

All this, plus we discuss Super Bowl commercials and all the trailers that dropped that evening! There’s also a warning against accidentally viewing new NBC sitcom AP Bio, the show that attempted to steal Glenn Howerton away from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Remember to listen the whole way through, and comment responsibly:

Podcast Feb 2 – A Futile and Stupid Gesture, Maze Runner: Death Cure and All the Money in the World

What a fortuitous occasion! Cory and Tristan were able to record the podcast in person for the first time in several months, joined by Jimmy once again!

The trio watched the latest Netflix film release – David Wain’s biopic of National Lampoon co-founder Doug Kenney, A Futile and Stupid Gesture.

Jimmy and Tristan joined in the conversation by discussing the late 2017 documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, which explores the parallels between Jim Carrey and his counterpart Andy Kaufman during the filming of 1999’s Man on the Moon.

Tristan mentioned viewing another biopic, Battle of the Sexes, while Cory discussed his own biopic du jour, All the Money in the World.

Cory finalized the podcast with his opinions on the trilogy-capper Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Listen to all these reviews (and more!) below, and remember to always comment responsibly:

Podcast January 27 – Hostiles, Den of Thieves and Mom and Dad

Cory and Tristan are back at it again, bringing you the last true wide release leftover from 2017: Christian Bale’s western Hostiles. it’s weird that we’re almost to February and there’s still something expanding from last year, no?

Well, on to the new stuff as well – there’s a new installment of the endless fighting franchise Kickboxer, this one titled Kickboxer: Retaliation. Cory also took in cop drama thriller Den of Thieves, pitting Gerard Butler against O’Shea Jackson.

Finally we discuss the madcap psycho comedy Mom and Dad starring the effervescent Nicolas Cage alongside Selma Blair as the titular tyrants.

Join us, as well as special guest Jimmy, as we discuss this and more in the Interjections podcast below:

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Podcast Jan 19 – Paddington and The Polka King

Honestly, I would see a movie entitled Paddington and the Polka King, but alas that’s not what we discuss on this week’s Interjections podcast.

You can probably guess what the actual focus will be, as the stellar children’s sequel starring small bear superstar Paddington was released upon the unsuspecting public in the past week. Cory took that in and has the good news to share with us all. In addition to this, he saw recent horror sequel Insidious: The Last Key, and several films from last year, like Gary Oldman’s Darkest Hour, and a pair of Tom Hanks films: The Circle and his joint with Meryl Streep – The Post.

Tristan caught up a bit by seeing Daniel Day Lewis’s Phantom Thread and he reveled in the first big Netflix release of 2018 with Jack Black as The Polka King. Listen to all this and more below, and remember to comment responsibly!



Podcast January 13 – Phantom Thread and The Commuter

Our next podcast needs no introduction, but I suppose technically you want to know what we talked about, right?

Phantom Thread expanded slightly wider and Cory was able to see Daniel Day-Lewis’s potential final performance, while also taking in the first new film of 2018 – Liam Neeson’s newest January “thriller” The Commuter. He also caught up with Tristan by seeing recent awards darling The Florida Project.

Tristan caught up with Cory as well by seeing the number two on Cory’s best of 2017 list, Brawl in Cell Block 99 and another great summer release, A Ghost Story. He also saw an older flick, Michael Douglas cop thriller Black Rain.

Finally, Cory discusses the newest Netflix acquisition, David Letterman’s return – My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, a series of interviews led by the thrilling ex-late night host.

Join us as we talk about the highlights of our week, below:

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Podcast Dec 29 – Best and Worst of 2017

Oh boy, are you in for some fun – Cory and Tristan have compiled several lists to commemorate the closing of one of the craziest years in cinema, 2017.

The biggest Interjections podcast to date is so big I’m breaking it down for you this way:

00:00 – First, the pair goes through a handful of films they saw this week, including I, Tonya, Last Flag Flying, The Trip to Spain, Downsizing and Mudbound. Basically the pair did their weekly podcast before diving into the categorical subject matter of this end of the year review.

1:04:30 – Now that they finally get past this week, they start off with the bottom ten – Cory begins with a few dishonorable mentions, and they swap the worst ten back and forth.

1:54:25 – Cory runs through his lists of biggest disappointments and largest surprises (2:00:05).

2:06:40 – Tristan goes over the films he missed this year that he wishes he could have gotten to before this podcast (Cory’s always better at finding his way through everything).

2:12:30 – Just to prolong this even further, both share their favorite performances of the year, back and forth like the worst films. Cory starts off with his worst, naturally. Tristan follows up with his favorites.

2:22:22 – Cory goes on and on about his own favorite performances of the year.

2:29:13 – At long last, Cory and Tristan trade their top ten back and forth. Tristan has some honorable mentions!

3:26:54 – Last but not least, the Interjections duo decides to revisit their most anticipated lists from back in January, double checking whether they were right about anything, or unabashedly imprecise in their predictions.

All in all, it was one of our best, and we hope you enjoy it. Listen in below, and remember: comment responsibly!