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Podcast October 31 – Top Twenty Horror Films

We here at Interjections find ourselves in a transitional phase, searching for a reason to exist. As for now, regular contributor Jimmy joins founder Tristan in reading over IGN’s list of the top 100 horror films, a list they wrote earlier this month.

Jimmy and Tristan also clue us in on their own personal top five, delighting in this ghoulish celebration of pagan cinema. Join them for this exploration of the best of the best:


Podcast October 9 – Batman and Harley Quinn, Hell or High Water and The Last Jedi Trailer

Like a certain Jedi character from the end of The Force Awakens, Cory has been missing for some time. In his stead, while we search the endless universe for his whereabouts (hoping he will some day do the right thing and return to save the galaxy), Jimmy has ably stepped up to discuss new movies and recent events.

This go-around, Tristan and Jimmy watched one of last year’s Best Picture nominees, Hell or High Water, a potboiler that stars Chris Pine and Ben Foster as modern cowboys sticking it to the bank by heisting them to pay their loan back to the same bank, while sheriff Jeff Bridges attempts to track them through the Texas midlands.

They follow that up with a discussion on the most recent DC animated film, Batman and Harley Quinn, which features Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester returning to their ’90s animated roots as Batman and Nightwing, and co-stars Melissa Rauch (Big Bang Theory) as the titular clown queen who teams up with the pair to help stop her good friend Poison Ivy from doing the wrong thing and turning every living creature into plants.

Afterwards, they discuss some current events – like the weekend ouster of Harvey Weinstein from his own company after sexual harassment allegations actually worked to stop an offender from continuing to benefit from silence.

The final segment, the pair watch live the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer and analyze it just a bit too much…

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Podcast October 2 – Ghosted and Big Mouth

Somehow the Interjections podcast won’t back down….

Here we are with yet another hot button topic – gun control, incredibly important in light of the events of October 1st in Las Vegas.

Afterwards Jimmy and Tristan discuss two recent comedy television premieres, FOX’s Ghosted – starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson as paranormal detectives, and Big Mouth – an animated coming-of-age story that sees Nick Kroll voicing his younger self and John Mulaney voicing a younger Andy Goldberg as they traverse the terrible years of puberty.

Tune in below, and never forget – comment responsibly:

Podcast September 25th – Assassin’s Creed, It and mother!

As it’s been for about two months, we’ve been keeping afloat here at the Interjections podcast by supplementing the journeyman Cory Taylor with the capable Jimmy Milliron – where he and Tristan More discuss films as well as current events.

The films discussed this week are Assassin’s Creed, a late entry in the 2016 holiday season that saw the adaptation of the stealth-driven action video game starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard; It, the latest book-to-screen version of the creepy clown classic from Stephen King that debuted two weeks ago; and another horror, but of the psychological and metaphorical variety, mother! which stars Jennifer Lawrence as the titular character who must learn how to live with her increasingly oblivious husband played by Javier Bardem.

All this and more below, but first we talk about the biggest goings on of the week – including most importantly the on-field demonstration of kneeling during the National Anthem at sporting events. Listen in to get Tristan’s and Jimmy’s takes on what is easily the hottest topic this past weekend:

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Podcast September 12 – The Orville and The Deuce

With the absence of our dearly beloved Cory Taylor indefinitely, the Interjections podcast was thrown for quite the loop. I wasn’t sure how to proceed, what to proceed with, or whether we would ever proceed again. After much deliberation with several of the frequent guests, they conceded that I could continue for the time being with them, and hope that one day Cory would return triumphant over his trials and tribulations with and against the Cars franchise.

In lieu of the traditional podcast, this week’s edition will feature Jimmy, and he and Tristan first discuss new television shows The Orville and The Deuce before diving into the meat of their new direction – current events and politics.

When and if Jeff joins in again, he and Tristan will probably cover an older selection, a classic film they’ve missed out on in the past, but for now the first edition of this new version will feature Jimmy discussing hot topics.

Follow us through the rabbit hole, and remember, as always, comment responsibly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the above podcast, and all of us here at the Interjections podcast hope that Cory continues down his long road to recovery.

Podcast August 4 – Dunkirk, Wakefield and Spider-Man

This week is a strange one, as one of the two main hosts was unavailable recovering from an unescapable illness. Luckily, frequent guest James Milliron was here to discuss recent war film Dunkirk, the latest epic from Christopher Nolan. It tells the tale of the beginning of World War II, as British troops are surrounded on all sides upon the beach closest to their homeland, with no traversable ships available to bring them there.

Tristan then regales Jimmy with his thoughts on the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as an indie character study starring Bryan Cranston as a fed-up New York lawyer who escapes his life by hiding in the garage across from his house, in Wakefield. In addition, Tristan saw a film from all the way back in 1991, The Indian Runner, which stars Viggo Mortensen in a star-making role as a broken Vietnam War vet who returns home to his cop brother David Morse only to find there’s not much left for him to do in life.

Happily there’s plenty more for you do today, such as listening in on the newest podcast below:

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Podcast July 28 – Valerian, To the Bone and The Lovers

With a burst of refreshed energy, Cory and Tristan return from the nordic wonderland that is Iceland, hoping to catch up on a few flicks they missed in the past two weeks.

First, Tristan takes us on two very disparate sci-fi journeys, one in Luc Besson’s grand masterpiece Valerian and the City of Planets, an eye-popping visual piece of candy, and the other a vaucuous post-apocalyptic introspection for ape king Caesar in the latest sequel War for the Planet of the Apes – now able to compare to Cory’s notes.

Cory, in the meanwhile, took in the newest Netflix film To the Bone, starring Lily Collins as an anorexic outpatient tended to by Keanu Reeves. He also saw the latest schlockfest from Bruce Willis, First Kill, which contains a surprisingly deft turn from fallen star Hayden Christensen. Another feature Cory saw was The Lovers, a spring indie release that has marvelous roles for Tracy Letts and Debra Winger.

Before all that, Tristan caught up on the past few years with two Best Picture nominees – Philomena (2013) and Lion (2016) – that share the theme of a parent or child finding their missing child or parent. He also saw The Immigrant, a lesser known film featuring Joaquin Phoenix as a grifter who prays on Polish newcomer Marion Cotillard in 1920s Greenwich Village.

So much to listen to, but entertain yourselves by clicking below:

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