Podcast October 24th – Bone Tomahawk, Steve Jobs and Rock the Kasbah

A special Saturday edition of the Interjections Podcast is here!

Cory witnessed four films this week, among good ones (Bone Tomahawk, Steve Jobs) and utterly awful (Rock the Kasbah, The Last Witch Hunter).

Tristan chimes in with his thoughts on the film, as well as the state of television and sports for the week. The big news of the week was the third and final trailer for the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which Cory and Tristan digest in detail. Listen in below for their insights!


Podcast October 19th – Bridge of Spies, Goosebumps, Pan and Beasts of No Nation

The infamous podcast returns! After a two week hiatus (mostly due to THE LOST PODCAST falling to technical difficulties and 15-hour a day jobs) Cory and Tristan start up a conversation about the newest October films – Bridge of Spies, Goosebumps, Pan and Beasts of No Nation.

Listen in to find out Cory’s discussion with Tristan on all the newest films and film news!

Good Sports: October Magic

Ah, autumn. Crisp leaves begin to descend towards death, apple cider pops up at every family market, and baseball winds its way down for the season. By winds down, I also mean ramps up. One of the most exciting things about October, whether you’re an avid fan of the game or not, is that baseball gets ridiculously fierce. The 2015 season closed Sunday¬†afternoon, and with it brings everyone’s prediction for who will be crowned champions.

Now, it’s an odd numbered year, so the San Francisco Giants can’t work their voodoo on the crowds. But that doesn’t mean Cardinal devil magic isn’t in the air. We’ve got a couple of returning favorites in the Houston Astros, New York Mets and Chicago Cubs (out since 2005, 2006 and 2008 respectively) and the Toronto Blue Jays (longest drought in North American sports, out since 1992). We have perennial clubs vying for an escape from the wild-card game – Pittsburgh Pirates (who thought they would be perennial postseason members five years ago?) and New York Yankees (missed the postseason a couple times recently, but have been in some 70% in my lifetime). The best teams this year were flyover teams – Kansas City Royals and the Cardinals. Injuries and personal issues have wrought their damage on these teams, but only one can be victorious. Which will it be?

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Podcast Oct 2 – Sicario, The Walk, Pawn Sacrifice, and Sleeping with Other People

This week, Cory and Tristan are joined by good friend Jeff Seesselberg to talk about new films Sicario and The Walk, while also reviewing other recent films Sleeping With Other People, The Green Inferno, Z For Zachariah and Pawn Sacrifice.

On the news end, not too much happened this week, though a revelatory trailer for The Revenant came out, along with a fantastic teaser for the new X-Files mini-series. Tristan reviews new pilots for Grandfathered and The Grinder as well. The trio attempts to listen to the new Sam Smith single – Writing’s on the Wall – which is the new Bond theme for the film Spectre to hilarious outcome as technical glitches delay them from hearing it.

We, however, have no such problems. Listen below!

Good Sports – Two Weeks In: An NFL Preview

Hey all,

Obviously I am a tad late on my NFL preview, which I apologize for – I was busy with film work so this site hasn’t had much content in the past two weeks. Anyway, on to how I expect the NFL to come together this season… I don’t claim to be an expert,¬†and perhaps like my MLB preview earlier this year, I may be wrong about a few of the outcomes. I’m not even going to try to go into detail about the team records, but will have standings at the end of each division. Without further adieu:

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Special Podcast! – Most Underrated Films According to Tristan and Cory

Surprise! We were up late discussing our favorite films that at the time of release were heavily underrated (and have since not even become cult classics) and we decided to turn that into a special edition of the Interjections podcast.

Listen below as Cory and Tristan pick out their five favorite underrated films, as well as a combined favorite – Wicker Park – that was actually the film that brought them together as friends.

Podcast September 25th – Black Mass, The Intern and Everest

After some technical difficulty and a two week hiatus, Cory and Tristan are back with their newest edition of the Interjections Podcast! Listen to them dissect the newest Johnny Depp film, Black Mass. Is it worthy of Oscar recognition? Is Depp finally back on track after only one meaty role? Cory also brings on a special guest to discuss The Intern, while Tristan (and our friend Brad) reviews several new television series – including Blindspot, The Muppets, Limitless and The Bastard Executioner.

Take a listen below to hear all the fun!


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