Podcast January 15th – Most Anticipated Films of 2016, 13 Hours and Moonwalkers

This week Cory and Tristan share their top ten lists of most anticipated films of 2016. Their lists overlap a bit, but we’re in for a treat with a ton of interesting sequels and innovate originals this year.

Before we get to that, the two discuss three films they viewed this week, including Michael Bay’s genuinely dynamic 13 Hours, laughably awful Rupert Grint vehicle Moonwalkers and the remake of the classic Michael Caine film, Gambit – this time starring Colin Firth and the late Alan Rickman.

Check our latest podcast out below:


Tristan’s 2016 Most Anticipated Films

With our podcast covering the subject tomorrow, I thought it was an appropriate time to finally divulge what I’m looking forward to the most in 2016. Here goes nothing:

10. Hail, Caesar! – February 5th


This comedy from the Coen brothers seems right up my alley – a spiritual follow up to their last zany picture, Burn After Reading, or to their 2000 classic O, Brother Where Art Thou. Co-starring George Clooney as hapless A-lister Baird Whitlock, who is kidnapped by a strange group called The Future, it follows Hollywood “fixer” Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) as he works to change the face of Hollywood before it crumbles around him. Coming out a scant three weeks from now, it’s the first of my anticipated films to enter theatres. I’m hopeful that this will be as wonderful as some of the Coens’ other flicks have been, such as the aforementioned comedies, and their recent best one yet, Inside Llewyn Davis. The sardonic tone and wry voice of the Coens is perfect for ridiculing inside Hollywood, so I’m really excited to see what they lampoon here.

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This Will Be Televised – Mid-Season Preview

Hey all,

I’m here to debut yet another new column on the final week of 2015. I’d wanted to start this way back in the beginning of October, when the 2015-2016 television season was getting ready to debut, but as I’ve mentioned before things got in the way.

Luckily, we’ve moved past that and I’ve taken part of the remains of the original article to discuss what’s come so far and what will debut this January and beyond into 2016. Some of the fall season will be discussed later this week in our “Best of 2015” round-up, but I’ll mention what I hope continues well into the spring here as well.

So what’s the next That 70’s Show, Quantum Leap or The Simpsons? Let’s take a look:

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Good Sports: Football’s Finale (Part 2: Divisionals)

What an interesting weekend over in the wild world of the NFL! We watched a terrible moment where a player whiffed a kick (don’t blame him forever, kids). We watched as Antonio Brown nearly had his head ripped off by a Bengal. We watched a shootout in Washington and a massacre in Houston. As some of the deserving teams head their way to the next destination, let’s take a look at what I think will happen come Saturday and Sunday.

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A Case of X-Phobia (Part 1)

There is usually an ebb and flow to television. Maintaining a level of consistency is almost impossible. In spite of my addiction to the X-Files, not every episode is first-rate. Some episodes resemble the notorious Fly filler from Breaking Bad: padding before the next powerhouse. This is a list of a few of the worst X-Files offerings.


  1. SPACE (Season 1, Episode 9)- Ed Lautner contorts his face in embarrassing Richard III paralysis. I love that Mulder is in awe of the lionized astronaut Colonel Belt but the whole premise is beyond vague. Why is the ghost sabotaging NASA missions? Since it was 1993, it’s fathomable that the special effects would be dated but they are downright atrocious. They look like unfinished animation from Unsolved Mysteries reenactments. It was ahead of its time for claiming to discover water sources on Mars.

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Music to Your Ears: A Long Life on Mars

Once in a while, there is a death in the entertainment world that is so massive that the day is taken up by their life. For a week or so, we’ll be talking about David Bowie. When I received the news that the artist sometimes known as Ziggy Stardust had finally taken up beyond Mars, I was still riding the high from last night’s Golden Globes conversations with Cory. It hit me sometime today, but this is going to be happening more and more as we get older – obviously as we know more of contemporary artists, we’ll mourn their loss. Social media and the internet has only heightened this, much like we saw as the wildfire grew when acting great Robin Williams fell in 2014.

For now, though, I want to talk about David Jones, just for a minute.

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Podcast January 8th – Best of 2015 Part 2: Films

Cory and I are back this week with part 2 of our Best of 2015! With all the films that we saw this year (Tristan: 44, Cory: 208) there was a ton to talk about. With our longest podcast ever we discuss top tens, worst tens, best and worst performances, disappointments, surprises, films we wished we’d seen and films we’re glad we didn’t see. In all, we cover a grand tapestry that represents what people viewed in theaters in 2015.

Take a trip back with us through the past year in cinema, below:


Stay tuned on Monday for Part 3: Music to finally wrap things up for this past year!

Also, incidentally, this is our 100th post!

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