Interjections Podcast Dec 26th – Trumbo, Carol, The Hateful Eight, Youth, The Revenant, The Danish Girl, Concussion + Joy

Welcome to our Christmas edition of the Interjections podcast!

With Oscar season in full swing, Cory managed to see a full slate of films, including The Hateful Eight, The Revenant, Carol, Youth, The Danish Girl, Joy, Concussion and Trumbo. Tristan presents Cory a massive “what if” by playing Radiohead’s cut song “Spectre” from the most recent Bond film.

Listen in as Cory takes Tristan on a journey through awards season:


Music to Your Ears – Sia, Santigold, Florence + the Machine, and Pentatonix

Hello all, I’m back for another week of new music. Here’s some tracks from some incredibly talented female artists, and one Christmas collection just in time for the holidays!

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Review: Ash Vs. Evil Dead (Season 1, Episode 8)

If people can pry themselves away from the Star Wars lollapalooza this weekend, they’ll realize that another franchise was revived with effortless efficacy too. We’re about to round third base with Ash Vs. Evil Dead and it’s showing no loss of vital signs (excluding Ash’s beloved Tweety bird).

The atmosphere is crisp with the haunting homecoming of Ash as he walks towards the immortal cabin. The lead-up to his re-entrance is phenomenal with faint callbacks to Linda’s dialogue at his makeshift cross. Whoever redressed the set to juxtapose it next to the original must’ve been very meticulous with every detail from the deer’s taxidermied head to the boarded windows looking painstakingly recreated.

“You’d never gotten laid here” states Amanda in a matter-of-fact deconstruction of Ash’s womanizing delusions. Shivers travel up and down our spines when Ash points to the chained basement hatch. I’d be surprised if fanboys didn’t convulse into cardiac arrest from diabetic recognition.

Split up from Ash and Amanda, Kelly and Pablo encounter new fodder for the slasher spirits in the woods. The Australian backpackers are actually pretty charismatic but I’m pretty cocksure that their fates are sealed with only a flare gun and pepper spray to ward off Deadites. Naturally, Ash abhors responsibility and it’s a monumental insight into his character that he wants to settle down with someone he cares about and forget about the Necronomicon altogether.

Fans’ favorite part of the Evil Dead franchise was the unhinged doppelganger of Ash and it’s delirious to see Campbell tap back into his nefarious side. Campbell’s hammy acting style has always been his most endearing quality and the split-screen fight between twin Ashes is tremendous fun when they are targeting each other’s weak joints (glancing at his stump, “look at the time”). Shades of misbegotten emotion in Ash’s vacant skull resonate loudly in this episode and it is the pinnacle of the series so far.

Rating: 4.75 out of 5

Podcast December 18th, 2015 (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Sisters, Daddy’s Home and Legend)

With baited breath, jawas and fanboys alike have wondered if their dreams will match the Midichlorian-soaked fever dream that is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Well folks, Tristan and I have seen the new film and we discuss it ad nauseum. Did it bring balance to the Force? Of course, reviews of Sisters, Daddy’s Home and Legend seem relatively minor in comparison but they’re briefly broached as well. Before you watch it for the umpteenth time, give us a listen at the link below and hear Tristan’s intimate knowledge of the expanded universe and how Episode VII fits.

Music to Your Ears – The 1975, American Authors, Panic! at the Disco and A Head Full of Dreams

So I found that I quite like this column, so I’m going to attempt to have it every Monday. This week we focus on three bands fronted by male vocalists: The 1975, American Authors and Panic! at the Disco.

In addition, I’ve written my first full album review within the column for Coldplay’s newest, A Head Full of Dreams.

Here’s what I thought:

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Review: Ash Vs. Evil Dead (Season 1, Episode 7)

When this episode began with Ash and his minions traipsing through the wilderness to a militia camp, I suspected that the show might be getting a bit stale. The formula has been Ash cluelessly bungles his way into a civilian population and the natives there pay the cost of his curse with buckets of blood. Certainly advantageous for gorehounds but it can run the risk of becoming commonplace when binge-watched back-to-back.

However, the show tweaked the ritual by having the usually unenviable circumstance of the group separating into couples with Pablo adjoined to Kelly in the surrounding forest and Amanda fused with Ash in a radioactive fallout shelter. Separation normally spells doom as Sam Raimi has shown in this franchise before but these characters are more resilient than most horror protagonists.

Kudos must be rewarded to Lucy Lawless who is resurrected Daenarys-style from the ashes of a campfire in her au naturale beauty. At her age of 47, the Kiwi’s body is still immaculate and it adds a dose of nudity to this exploitative cocktail. With her Phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes appearance, it’s crystallized that Ruby is more supernatural than human and could be an impregnable foe for Ash down the line.

In a marked progression for Ash, he flirts with Amanda once they are immediately thrust into the dark nether regions of the camp. But he is also fiercely defensive when the gun-toting chauvinists manhandle her. He is slowly returning to the dashingly romantic, Byronic hero we glimpsed in Army of Darkness. The dip when he saves Amanda was classy (“We should get handcuffed together more often.”). 

With all the bloodletting around, the writers never cease to extemporize gonzo scenarios to dismember Deadites. It elicited many chuckles when a panic-stricken Pablo continually pummeled a nearly inanimate, gas-mask-wearing demon. The raincheck for a kiss between Ash and Amanda almost seals her fate but the show-runner might be jostling with our preconceived notions.

In another maturation, Ash becomes uncommonly sentimental towards his followers but he knows, like Dirty Harry, he must “go it alone”. In the final moments, he vanishes without a trace and in a orgasmic establishing shot for fans, we see the disembodied hand crawl back to the infamous cabin. Next week will no doubt culminate the snowballing loop that Ash has been evading for 30 years.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Podcast December 10th – Golden Globe Noms, 99 Homes and Point Break

Today Cory and I were too amped about the Golden Globes to wait until tomorrow to discuss them. Cory was a little disappointed about some deserving actors finding themselves snubbed, while I was excited to take a leap back to the early ’90s when stars like Jamie Lee Curtis, Sylvester Stallone and Christian Slater were huge.

On the film front, I was a bit dry once again, while Cory caught 99 Homes, In the Heart of the Sea, Sleeping with Other People, Grudge Match (on a Sly kick), Victor Frankenstein and the upcoming Point Break. He also got in some Netflix with A Very Murray Christmas (pictured above).

I did get some viewing in, with the second season of You’re the Worst wrapping up last night, Jeff and I made sure to see how it all went down, and who indeed was the worst.

Tune in below:

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