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The 2018 Edgars!

Now that the dust has cleared from those other awards, and we all can rest happy knowing Vladimir Guerrero will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame – the main event of this week can come to fruition!

That’s right, the 18th Annual Edgar Awards are here! I’m sure you were wondering what Cory and I would think of this past year, even beyond that impressive three-hour dialogue on the best of 2017. Here you’ll find our version of the awards show season, and we’d love for you to participate!

Three films are tied for most nominations, with Baby DriverBlade Runner 2049 and I, Tonya all getting 10 nods apiece. Alongside the Edgar Wright-helmed action comedy, the four other films chosen for Best Film are DunkirkGet OutLogan and The Lost City of Z.

Click through below to take a look for yourself and we hope you enjoy!


The 2018 Edgar Awards


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Podcast August 4 – Dunkirk, Wakefield and Spider-Man

This week is a strange one, as one of the two main hosts was unavailable recovering from an unescapable illness. Luckily, frequent guest James Milliron was here to discuss recent war film Dunkirk, the latest epic from Christopher Nolan. It tells the tale of the beginning of World War II, as British troops are surrounded on all sides upon the beach closest to their homeland, with no traversable ships available to bring them there.

Tristan then regales Jimmy with his thoughts on the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as an indie character study starring Bryan Cranston as a fed-up New York lawyer who escapes his life by hiding in the garage across from his house, in Wakefield. In addition, Tristan saw a film from all the way back in 1991, The Indian Runner, which stars Viggo Mortensen in a star-making role as a broken Vietnam War vet who returns home to his cop brother David Morse only to find there’s not much left for him to do in life.

Happily there’s plenty more for you do today, such as listening in on the newest podcast below:

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