Good Sports – A Little More Hockey Action!

Sure enough, we took a few more days to get around to this half of the NHL. No worries, though, I haven’t even had time to sleep, let alone look up the scores for any game. So let’s dive right into the Western Conference:


Central Division


Winnipeg Jets

It’s their time, at long last. Born in Atlanta, and the second team to move from there to a western Canadian city, it’s time for the Winnipeg Jets to win the Stanley Cup. That’s at least what pundits from that area would have you believe, although I don’t hesitate to agree with them. There’s a lot to like on this squad, perhaps the best they’ve assembled in their short time in Manitoba and beforehand. Connor Hellebuyck is the crown jewel of the team, coming of a Vezina-caliber year, where he went 44-11-9 with a save percentage of .924. He dragged them forward up to the Western Conference Finals and an upstart in Vegas, but now they have the experience. Putting the loss behind them, veterans like Dustin Byfuglien, Blake Wheeler and Mathieu Perrault can hope the kids will be ready for another run. The younger class is sparkling, with Patrick Laine leading the way. Kyle Connor has breakout candidacy, while I wouldn’t discount role players like Brandon Tanev and Adam Lowry. This team is somehow the exact same as last year, unheard of when many teams have nearly half turnover in this day and age. I’d wager they hope to get to that final step and win, no?

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Music to Your Ears – Summertime Sadness

With the miserable delay I’ve suffered with everything, something had to give. I’m just skipping late August and September in a way, and giving you a best of for the Summer, as I’d planned for last week. Some of the best stuff may end up in my end of the year articles, so keep an eye out for those. They will be on time.

In case you want a brief recap of what was good and bad:

Good: St. Lucia, Hyperion; Pale Waves, My Mind Makes Noises; Metric, Art of Doubt

Bad: Carrie Underwood, Cry Pretty; Good Charlotte, Generation Rx

Finally, here’s a Spotify hub for the sixteen best tracks I heard this summer. There was no clear-cut domination, all of these sort of rotated through my brain. Hope you enjoy!

Podcast October 8 – Venom, Hell Fest and Hold the Dark

It’s been eleven years since that wonderfully gooey Spider-Man villain graced cinema screens, and he’s apparently been sorely missed. The new film has grossed $80 million and counting, so Cory and Tristan sit down to discuss why Venom is the anti-hero the world neither needs nor deserves (yet is being saddled with).

Cory tops that off with a series of reviews on new films like Hell Festa b-slasher film that hinges on an innovative premise but fails to capitalize on it. He continues with recent Kevin Hart-Tiffany Haddish team-up Night Schoolwhich would be a no-brainer if they had more raw talent. Superfly is the surprise of the week, and you’ll have to listen in as to why.

Cory finishes off his solo reviews with a strange experience during Michael Moore’s latest documentary, pseudo-sequel Fahrenheit 11/9What happened to Cory that he had a singular situation, and what does any of it have to do with wild Gwen Stefani theories?

All this and more (two new network shows – I Feel Bad and Single Parents) to listen in on below. Don’t forget to comment responsibly!


Good Sports: Rocktober Division Series

Well, our predictions were not too far off – Milwaukee and Los Angeles move on to the next round, while Chicago hosted Colorado on Tuesday evening. In a surprise turn of events, Colorado ended up foisting the Cubs from the playoffs in a 13-inning stunner, while predictably the Bronx Bombers knocked their way into a meeting with their division rivals. Let’s see what happens next:

American League Division Series: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox


I’m getting worried, folks. The Yankees might be the real deal, and unfortunately for the Sox, they’re heating up at the perfect time. It won’t be easy for them, as the Red Sox were the best team in baseball for a reason. Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts and Jackie Bradley Jr all have a shot at MVP, while they could also turn in a star performance this postseason. Will their bats be silenced by Mashahiro Tanaka, CC Sabathia and Luis Severino? These potent lineups have big bats on either side, as Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez each have just as much power as their Red Sox counterparts. Can they get past the impressive rotation that contains several former Cy Young winners, including Chris Sale, David Price, Eduardo Rodriguez and Rick Porcello? Either way, this may be the most explosive of the four division series. It’s pretty much a game of rock, papers, scissors where both teams are the rock.

Prediction: Yankees in five.

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Good Sports – A Little Hockey Action

That’s right, between all the logjammed television articles and playoff baseball, the NHL has decided to start itself back up again. Several storylines are unfolding right now, and it will be very intriguing to see where a lot of teams land by the end of the year. Some have very low expectations, while others have to try and ride their high from last year’s playoffs. The important thing to remember, though, is that the Washington Capitals have finally won a Stanley Cup, and did it before the Flyers ever did again…


Metropolitan Division


Washington Capitals

It’s the first time Alexander Ovechkin will ever have a Stanley Cup hangover, and I’m pretty sure he drank his way to opening day as a way to salve the situation. I don’t think he’ll have much trouble kicking it into high gear despite spending the most time he’s ever had in the postseason. His teammates remained mostly intact, with only 2 of the 20 players who stood by him as he hoisted the Cup for the first time departed (Jay Beagle, Vancouver; Alex Chiasson, Edmonton) the team. Beagle will be missed a bit, and his “replacement” is Nic Dowd (Vancouver, actually). The biggest hole in the lineup isn’t on the ice, however, but behind the bench. Barry Trotz forewent a contract extension to head over to Lou Lamoriello and the New York Islanders, hoping to provide John Tavares with the coaching pedigree he deserves. Instead, Tavares hopped home to the Maple Leafs, and Washington is out its Cup-winning coach. In his place, four-year assistant coach Todd Reirden commands the team, so there’s not too much difference. All the team has to do is follow their plan from 2017 – win.

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Podcast October 1st – Kodachrome, Maniac and American Animals

This week was a brief one, more of a catch up for Cory and Tristan, who starts things off by reviewing two of the newest cable shows – Jim Carrey’s buzzy Showtime hit Kidding and the Superbad reunion on Netflix, Maniac, starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

Cory caught a Netflix film from back in April on Netflix, Kodachrome, starring Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis as father and son bonding on their way to get a last roll of film developed cross-country.

He also made up time by finally seeing the Evan Peters heist film American Animals, which also featured Barry Keoghan and Blake Jenner as fellow heisters fantasizing about pulling off the perfect crime.

Speaking of perfect crimes, Cory joins Tristan in lauding the early spring thriller Thoroughbreds, which featured Anya Taylor-Joy being seduced into knocking off her stepfather by Olivia Cooke.

Tristan takes it back to 1950 by watching the Jimmy Stewart fantasy Harvey, as well as this year’s anime feature Mary and the Witch’s Flower.

All this and more, if you listen in below:

If you think of it, remember to comment responsibly.

Revolution Television: Fall TV Preview 2018, Networks

Editor’s Note: This was due to be dropped back on Sept 19 – as I’m currently on the 22nd straight day of work, some of which were 15 hour days with virtually no breaks, I ran out of time to get this in. Even fashionably late, I should have known this might happen and prepped earlier in the summer in anticipation. Lesson learned, just pretend we’re still ahead of the game. Thanks.

You may notice that we have snuck in a new feature here at Interjections, with the title REVOLUTION TELEVISION. That’s not exactly the case, as this is a new moniker for the unwieldy “This Will Be Televised” segment we’ve been doing for years. We found the wordy title to be a little too much, and this new designation is no slouch in the subtlety department. Mostly this segment has been utilized for fall season’s preview of all the new shows debuting on basic cable, while highlighting some mid-season, cable and now streaming programs.

Without further adieu, let’s peer behind the looking glass and see what’s coming to the big five channels this autumn:


“God Friended Me” 8pm Sundays (9/30)


We picked a doozy to start out this year – the title will certainly be divisive, despite a sentimental premise. Brandon Micheal Hall (Search Party) had a proven show last year with ABC’s The Mayor, but it didn’t prove to click with audiences. He still deserves a showcase of his own, but I’m worried this will be another dud. An avowed atheist, Hall’s character Miles has his life turned upside down when the actual GOD friends him on Facebook. Odd situation that’s reminiscent of Joan of ArcadiaEarly Edition, and Quantum Leap all rolled into one, I don’t expect this to blow up the internet, other than “WTF were they thinking with that title” conversations, especially with the inevitable “GOD unfriended by audiences” articles.

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